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We request that you fax us your information in the following order:
Step 1: Assembling your information
Step 2: Preparing your fax transmission
  1. The completed Questionnaire that you downloaded (include page 2 if you have completed information on
    that page)
  2. Your copy of last years' Federal and state (if applicable) tax returns. Include the attachments if they show
    numbers on the return.  Most of the national tax preparation firms include many sheets of legal jargon or
    advertising material and those pages can be excluded.
  3. Your reporting forms that you received from your employers, brokers, government agencies, etc.:
  • W-2 (Wages)
  • W-2G (Gambling)
  • 1099-INT (Interest)
  • 1099-DIV (Dividends)
  • 1099-R (Pension, annuity, IRA, 401K and other retirement distributions)
  • 1099-MISC (Miscellaneous other types of income)
  • 1099-G (Government payments - normally State tax refunds and unemployment received)
  • 1099-B (Sales of securities)
  • 1099-?? (Other less frequently issued 1099's)
  • SSA-1099 (Social security received)
  • RRB-1099 (Railroad retirement payments)
  • 1098 (Mortgage interest)
  • 1098-E (Student loan interest)
  • 1098-T (Tuition payments - NOTE: If you have college expenses, furnish a list of actual payments
    made on tuition or loans taken out during the year)
  • K-1 Forms (Partnerships, S-corporations, trusts and estates)
  • Real estate tax bills (if taxes paid are not shown on your 1098 form)
  • Donation receipts (for donations over $250)
  • Depreciation records (for auto expenses claimed, small businesses, or rental properties)
  • Any other documentation you know we need
    HOW TO HANDLE SMALL PAGES. Certain of the above
    documentation may not be printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11
    paper which makes faxing difficult.  Do not try to fax these
    smaller pages.  Since we only need one copy (Copy B) of these
    multiple part forms, we suggest you place 2 or 3 different forms
    on the glass of a copy machine and copy them so they all fit
    onto one 8 1/2 x 11 page.  Be careful not to cut off part of a
    form.  Also, be sure the print on all the forms faces the same
    direction.  Follow this procedure for any irregularly sized forms
    and then you will only be faxing standard sized pages.  For
    1099's that are printed on 2 sides, make 1 sided copies and
    collate the copies in numerical order and then include the
    copies for faxing.

    After you have assembled all your information and have placed in the above order, simply fax the
    information to us.  The fax number, (630) 548-7827, is printed on the questionnaire at the top of the page.  
    The questionnaire serves as your cover sheet.  

    Please use a fax machine that has a large capacity document feeder
    so that all the pages can be sent through at one time.  If your stack of
    pages is greater than the capacity of the fax machine, break your
    transmission into 2 faxes, including the questionnaire with the first
    stack transmitted.  If your machine malfunctions while you are
    sending the fax, there is no need to start over or to resubmit the
    questionnaire again, simply start from the last page that was
    correctly transmitted.  We will match the transmissions.  If you
    receive additional documents or corrected copies after you have sent
    us your information, simply fax those forms to us and we will add
    them to your electronic file.

    After we have received your information, a preparer will review it for completeness and we will send you an
    e-mail asking for any additional information that appears to be missing from last year's return or for
    additional information we might need to see based upon the information furnished.  Our e-mail will also
    state your charge for the return based upon the forms needed in the current year and the estimated time
    to completion after this e-mail is signed and faxed back to us. YOU ARE ONLY OBLIGATED TO PAY US

    You may pay for the return at this time or wait until we send you our e-mail with your results.  There will be
    a button on your e-mail that will allow you to use PAYPAL to pay by credit or debit card, should you so
    desire.  You can also mail us a check.  Please note that we will not actually electronically file your return
    until we have received payment.  WE DO NOT DEDUCT PREPARATION FEES FROM REFUNDS.
Step 4: Completion of your return

Example: If you have a Schedule B reporting interest on 5 bank accounts, you should have 5 1099-INTs from
those 5 banks this year.  If you closed 1 of those accounts during 2008, you will not have a 1099-INT for that
bank this year.  On your work copy denote that you closed that bank account in 2008.  The tax return copy that
you send us can be your work copy.  In fact, we prefer that you fax us that copy as long as all the amounts are
still legible, especially if you've closed accounts or changed banks.

Note: Often there will be only 1 amount on the return that represents more than one source document, i.e. a
1098 for your home mortgage interest and a second 1098 for your home equity line will usually be shown as
1 number. Be careful to include all the source documents.
Step 3: Submitting your information

    Upon completion of your return, we will send you another e-mail which will contain an attachment that will
    include pdf files of the forms we, as preparers, need to keep on file to satisfy the IRS and state taxing
    authorities.  Filing instructions specifying your tax liabilities will also be included.  You will need to print  
    these forms, sign them and fax them back to us before we will electronically file your return.  You will also
    need to have our fee paid by this time.  There will be a button on your e-mail that will allow you to use
    PAYPAL to pay by credit or debit card, should you so desire, or you can mail us a check.  WE DO NOT

    Once we have received payment, we will electronically file your return and after we have received an
    acknowledgement back from the taxing authorities, we will send you our last e-mail which will include, as
    an encrypted attachment, the government acknowledgements and a pdf file of your complete return.   You
    can then print a complete copy of your return at your location.